Player History: Ed "Vard" Burrows (HALO)

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Full Name: Ed "Vard" Burrows 

Age: 25

Past Teams: Team Protect and Destroy - vVv - Reason Gaming- Imperial - Dignitas - Fnatic - Dignitas - Uprising - Team Power - TEC - aPex.Gaming - Infused

Current Team: CAZ Esports Halo


Ed Burrows otherwise known as 'Vard' is a professional Halo player and veteran esports competitor who has travelled across the Atlantic to compete against the best teams in the world. As one of the most practised competitors, Vard is noticed for his slaying ability in every Halo title he has competed in. 

In 2007, Vard officially kicked off his competitive career attending the XL2 FFA (Free for All) event where he competed in Halo 2 and achieved a top 32 placement. This would be the first and last event Vard competed in on Halo 2 and the new competitive season was dawning with a new Halo title in the name of 'Halo 3'. With practice and the desire to compete at a higher level, in that same year Vard joined 'Team Protect and Destroy' and attended the XL3 event and competed in both the FFA and team competitions. Vard was able to dramatically improve his performance from his first event achieving 2nd in the FFA competition and alongside three other teammates he was able to achieve a Top 4 placement in the team competition. Vard was able to excel further in Halo 3 and in 2008 he joined 'Team Reason Gaming'. The Reason line-up would achieve a respectable 5th at the XL4 event and Vard would additionally achieve 2nd place in the FFA competition. After XL4 Vard decided to depart from Reason and join vVv alongside; Adam, Baadshah and Singh. This line-up would achieve 2nd at XL5 and Vard would then go on to achieve a 1st place finish at the Xleague FFA Spring tournament in London. After this Vard and his team would travel to Birmingham for his last XL event where he would take 1st place in the FFA tournament and achieve 3rd in the 4v4 competition.

Although achieving a string of consistent placements Vard decided to move to Team Imperial and attend i36 in Telford where he would take 3rd place. After displaying his ability to compete at the best level of European Halo, Vard was able to secure a big move to Team Dignitas. Under the Dignitas brand Ed was able to continue his impressive performances placing; 2nd (i37), 3rd (i38), 5th (ECL 1), 3rd FFA (ECL 1). After a long time competing at the top level in Europe, Vard was able to cross the Atlantic and compete in the United States at MLG Orlando (2010). Vard had finally got his chance to compete amongst the best teams in world Halo and despite placing Top 28, it was amazing and memorable experience that will go down as one of the highlights in his epic career so far. MLG Orlando would mark as an end to his time under the Dignitas name. 

With a new competitive season on the horizon Vard aimed to continue competing at the top level in Europe which led him to join the thousehold name 'Team Fnatic' in 2011. He would represent Fnatic at 'Reflex GT2' in Amsterdam, Holland. The Fnatic line-up would take 1st place at Reflex and then return to the United Kingdom to compete at ECL 2 in Blackpool. Fnatic were able to remain victorious achieving a 1st place finish and take the title of UK champions. Despite his victories under the Fnatic brand, Vard took on a new challenge and joined 'Team Power Gaming' and would finish 4th at ECL 3. His time on 'Team Power' would end shortly after and Vard decided to join 'aPex.Gaming'. This team would attend EGL 4 in London and Vard would achieve 4th however similarly to his time on Team Power, his time at aPex lasted shortly. In 2012 Vard made his move to TEC, a well-known esports organisation in Europe. He looked to return to the very top once more. His first event would be EGL 5 under the TEC banner where he would achieve a 4th place finish. This TEC line-up would then go on to take 1st place at EGL 7 in Blackpool and Vard would once again retake the title as a current European Halo champion. This event would be the last he competed in under the TEC brand and Vard made his move to Team Uprising in 2012. He would only attend one event with the Uprising line-up (EGL 8) and was able to take 2nd place.

This would mark an end to his remarkable Halo Reach career and after this Vard would not compete again until 2014. He joined Team Infused returning in a remarkable fashion where his team would take 2nd place and 1st place (FFA) at Insomnia 52 (Halo 3). In that same year Vard travelled back to Coventry under Infused for i53 where his team would achieve a 3rd place finish competing in the new Halo 2 Anniversary title. After this the Infused line-up would travel to London to compete at Gfinity where they would take 4th place losing 3-0 to London Conspiracy to knock them out of the competition. This would be the last event Vard competed in under Infused and he moved on to the next chapter in his career with a fresh line-up and organisation. 

In 2015, Vard decided to move to CAZ Esports alongside other experienced competitors in the names of; Snakey, Flamez and Godshot. Vard would compete in Germany in his first event under CAZ Esports. Germany is home to one of the biggest gaming events (Gamescom) and Vard got to exclusively compete in the pre-release Halo 5: Guardians tournament against; Epsilon, Supremacy and Optic Gaming. After a memorable experience in Germany, Vard and the CAZ line-up would travel back to England to compete at i55 where they would take 2nd place after a narrow defeat to Epsilon Esports. Vard had this to say on his time at CAZ Esports so far, "CAZ has been great so far, even though we have been here a short time the organisation has equipped us with everything necessary to compete and we are constantly creating ideas together. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us all." 

The future is looking bright for the CAZ Esports line-up as they continue to compete at the top level of European Halo. 



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