Insomnia #55 Recap

Tue 1st Sep 2015 - 12:39pm : General : Gaming

iSeries has come to a close and we are happy to say we had an absolutely fantastic event. With our second place finish and some amazing games this has to be one of the best events our teams have attended so far, and here is the recap! #CAZArmy

Elimination Stage

On Saturday we played a FFA Seeder to decide who were 1st, 2nd & 3rd. With a lot of hard work and pushing our boys made it to 2nd and 4th in the final FFA match putting is as 1st seed for the main tournament giving us a great placement on our road to the final.

Early Sunday we got into gear playing a mix team of fathers and sons wanting to try HALO out for fun where we won 3-0, all though giving the other team a lot of fun throughout! The next match we came across two colleagues, Hollers EU who attended Gamescom whilst Godshot was out on injury and havoc who is infact our team coach. Showing no fear we went in quick taking the series 3-0.

Our next match was the Finals for the Upper bracket against Epsilon Esports, after one of the most intense and closest games of the tournament we lose the first map 4-3 on bomb, and then lost the slayer match 50-41. Our team fixed some issues that we had in the last two matches taking the 3rd map and taking this to a 4th where we lost being knocked down to the lower bracket final.

After an intense game against Epsilon our boys took a break and we got some food, discussed the matches and regrouped our thoughts, getting back to the Arena we found out that Supremecy current champions of Europe for H2A were our next opponent, without hesitations we took their title away from them and won with a stunning 3-0 series, taking our boys to the Grand Final!

Grand Finals

The start of the grand finals went off with a bang, not only quite a good turnout in the crowd considering it kicked off at 11:45 but our team clutched a 4-3 win on capture the flag, down 3-2 with 10 seconds to spare a fantastic play by Flamez saw our team land the flag with milliseconds to spare! Just whilst everyone was still going mad over the capture we had another flag landed within 10 seconds taking the first game and showing Epsilon that we are coming for them! 

Taking that momentum we went into a slayer match coming into the game after losing in the Upper bracket 50-41 we managed to fight Epsilon every step of the way, but with Snipedrone doing what he does best our team were unable to lock down a finish losing 50-44 improving on our first slayer encounter. 

Map 3 started off strong with a great performance by CAZ taking another win and showing Epsilon we are here to win and not just to play. However after we managed to take the next map Epsilon was able to take another 2 forcing us to lose the match. Some of the best HALO 2 was played in that final and we are very proud of our lads and can't wait for HALO 5: Guardians! #CAZArmy

A New Signing!

We would like to warmly welcome our newest addition to the HALO team, who till now has been the unofficial HALO Coach, we have now agreed to sign him on with the team as a permanent coach. We are pleased to introduce:

Liam "Havoc" Peck

Ben Bagg had this to say:
"Liam was a fantastic addition to the team and has a great personality, with fantastic knowledge as a top HALO player himself as well as fitting with the team like he was one of them we are very happy to have his experience on board. He made a big difference for the HALO team in the Grand final over the weekend against Epsilon and we are looking forward to working with him throughout the next HALO season."

Final Words

Finally I would like to thank all of our fans for watching and cheering throughout the HALO tournament. It was great to meet many of you and introduce a few to our army! We would also like to thank all of our sponsors: G2A, GT Omega Racing, Scuf Gaming & Terra Computer, because without your support none of this would be possible. 

The Kaiser

The Kaiser

Ben Bagg

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