An Interview with: Connor "CoNz" Jackson

Mon 10th Nov 2014 - 9:33am : General : Gaming

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Connor "CoNz" Jackson, Cazuall Esports's Call of Duty team captain. Find out more about Connor and how he got involved in eSports, as well as what he thinks about the UK competitive scene. This is the second part of an interview series which we will be doing on all of our players accross the organisation to give you, our fans. The opportunity to get to know them better. Check out the interview here!

How did you get involved in eSports?

I made the switch from playing with my friends in random public matches to competitive in late 2007 or early 2008. One of my friends from school introduced me to a website called "GameBattles". Ever since then I have played competitive, but only started taking it serious this year. Where I attended my first LAN i51 and other LANs such as EGL12 and i52 where I placed T8.

What does it take to be a pro gamer today?

In my opinion it takes, dedication, ambition, chemistry and of course skill. You cant just turn pro, with the click of your fingers you need to put the hours in and maybe sacrifice a few things to help you succeed. With all the above and the right attitude , you're most certainly on your way to winning championships.

How popular is eSports in the UK for Call of Duty?

Esports in general is growing massively all across the world but mainly in the United States. Esports is growing in the UK but not as quickly as we would like it competitively that is. But Call Of Duty in general is massive all across the world.

What have you sacrificed to get to where you are today?

To be honest I've be quite fortunate, that I haven't had to sacrifice anything. Of course there's been a few days where I've wanted to go out with friends but I have decided to grind instead. But in these up and coming years , I may have to start sacrificing a few things to enable me to get the top.

What advice would you give to aspiring gamers who want to be good at Call of Duty?

Find a bunch of players that you get along with and start to grind the game. Don't expect to be beating everyone in your first weeks as a team, take it slow and grind the game out and success will soon come. But the best advice I can give you is set yourself and team reasonable targets too first and when you start seeing some success that's when you can set greater targets.

Where do you see UK eSports five years from now?

It's hard to say because the mentality of the UK scene needs to change before it can advance in the future. So not to far from where it is today.

Are you excited for i53?

Yes! I'm more excited than ever. New team and new organisation which I can't wait to represent. Me and the boys from the COD team and also the management team can't wait to showcase our teams with their talents.

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So thats it for Connor, Keep up to date with all the news for both our CS:GO and Call of Duty teams here on our website or on our twitter!

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